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Tax Preparation

  • tax professional will prepare your taxes for you

  • receive a quote before we begin

  • you will have constant communication with us remotely or in a scheduled meeting if needed

  • easy accessibility with our online client portal

  • get the most out of your tax return


  • we will keep your bookkeeping  up to date

  • user friendly client portal

  • we will keep track of all your financial

  • receive one-on-one assistance when needed

  • bookkeeping packages available

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  • we can assist with any kind of employee, whether they are a W-2 worker or 1099 contractors

  • we cover direct deposits, new-hire reporting and each employee can access their own client portal 

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Tax Resolution

  • a qualified Enrolled Agent will be available to represent you (with Power of Attorney) during an Audit. You may not even have to attend.

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Document Preparation

  • we take care of legal paperwork such as divorce, immigration and student loan forgiveness applications to ensure that they are properly and efficiently completed

  • affordable pricing

  • short turnaround

  • accurate preparation

Notary Public Service

  • gives documents the legal effect needed such as wills, trusts, deeds, contracts and affidavits

  • schedule an appointment and we can solve this problem for you

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